These are figured Maple  that I burnt to see if the flutes would hold their tone after doing so. It made them better!

 This was left to right a F, E and D#. The blocks are purple heart

Here is a collection of past flutes

Tiger maple with paduak  end cap  and block. The  flute was made in the Key of G

This ebony stained  Redwood sub Bass G was  made as a rear blown. The block is antler and a piece of garnet on walnut

Redwood Bass A with a Manazanita  Bull fetish Block

Dark Walnut with Paduak  Accents. The block is a  raven fetish made out of Rosewood. This was in the mid range key of E

Red Cedar  with a Monarch butterfly fetish on black palm and painted  vine. The ties were allowed to go inside the flute to show off the vines

These Yucca  stalk flutes were  my first venture into  making a  branch flute.  The blocks are Paduak and a dragonfly fetish, an arrow, and a blue jay on walnut.

A mid E in Mahogany. The block is an arrow on Red Cedar

I will continually update this page with pictures of sold flutes and stuff so you can see my customizing and improvements.

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