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Each flute has been carefully hand  made. Most of my flutes are made with either Cedar or Redwood and finished with non toxic oils or a special wax mixture. Most of my flutes are tuned to the minor pentatonic scale.   Special Orders or Keys are always welcome. I can build you a flute from any wood species and I also build flutes for Healing and Chakra work. All flutes were hand tuned at 72° Fahrenheit @ A (440 Hz) and tuned to within five cents . I  also tune flutes to the popular Verdi (432 htz) for those wishing that tuning

If you're new to flute playing, my flutes are very easy to play and learn on.  With a little practice and knowledge one can start playing from the heart. That is how I learned, inside my truck I learned how to  play this magical instrument.

As more and more people become have become familiar with these flutes, web sites have sprung up on the Internet that have songs available in tablature and note form for you to play I have included links to them on my links page.  The care and maintenance of my flutes are very easy.  But necessary as it is a natural product.  Wood will dry out and requires oiling every now and again, more with extended use.  I use a special formulated mix of my own making that will be available soon .  Always allow a flute that has been played for a while to air and dry out before you oil them                                                                                                                                    

It is my hope and intent that your new flute brings you many hours of enjoyment and inspiration as it has for me. I think you will find that as you progress your flute playing abilities, the meditative benefits will become clear to you  and you will find peace and tranquility that I have found as well . May it bring many songs into your life. 

Thank you! –Larry

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