I have had many happy customers and here are some of them and what they have to say.  If they have a web site I have included their information as well. Please visit them

Terry  Fletcher,  N.  California

 Larry has a way of making his flutes sound like the old flutes used to. I have a flute he made from the 90’s that still sounds as good as the day I bought it at the Farmers Market  he used to sell at. I would recommend  him to any body that wants a good flute  that plays with other instruments  or by itself.

Dave McKinney

Thanks for the flute Larry.  I got it  yesterday and I wanted to let you know that you are one of the good ones!  Thanks for an awesome flute and making it so easy  for me .

Thomas , Bronx New York

Larry's flutes are for the professional musician with a bargain price tag. I own quite a few of his flutes and all are accurately tuned. I can play with other musicians and not be out of key. He can make any key flute you desire in any type of wood. I have Redwood, Maple and Cedar. Larry's flutes are easy to play   .                                

Jim Cook                                                                                                                                                         http://www.jimtzu.com/

I've got a flute made by Larry before he started to use a lathe. It's got a nice rough hewn feel to it as it was shaped by hand. This flute is made out of cedar with a fine finish. He carved a Clovis spear point down the body where the holes are located. The block is a simple one, the kind I like, and suits the understated look of the flute. It doesn't require a lot of breath to play and is very well tuned, working great with backing tracks and instruments. This flute is also one of the mellow flutes  that I own.                                                                                                                                                            

Marcus Fung Musician, sacred sounds artist, sound healer, DCF                            http://www.soundsawakening.org


The low Bm hummingbird flute is one my favorite flutes. I sometime feel, if i were to only have one flute, i would keep this one. The flute built from reclaimed cedar has perfect amount of back pressure for me, and an incredibly smooth, clear, yet airy tone. The fact that the flute is reclaimed cedar might tell you a little about the flute maker. Originally the flute was too long as an end blown for me. Larry insisted i send it back to experiment retrofitting it as a rear blown. The flute came back to me sounding and feeling better then ever.       Larry has since become my friend and that's very important to me if I'm buying a flute from someone. The flute itself is one of a kind. Not a perfect technical lathed creation. But a unique and charming breathing instrument which has many tell tale touches of the maker.   I feel the flute craft speaks with the spirit of Larry's inner child.  That is a powerful thing for me. The hummingbird low Bm is definitely one of my favorite flutes in my collection. When i am ready it will be time for another. Thank you!

Rae FluteLady Dent                                                                                                                       http://cdbaby.com/cd/dentonwarren

A few months back, I put it out that I needed a C# flute to play along with a group known as the Chicken Pickers.... Yup, that's a bunch of folks who sit around picking guitars, banjos, mandolins, etc. and they can be mighty picky about who plays along and what with.... Well, to cut a long story short.... Larry sent me this really cool flute, lovingly known as the crayon flute.... The top is colored like an earth tone crayon, lol... It is one of his very first "lathe" flutes but is still a bit rough hewn, something that makes it special and unique.... And I have first hand knowledge of how big a learning curve it was to do a flute of this length on a lathe... What an awesome flute...welcomed in to the Pickers group as it learns to play anything from old timey gospel to a little bit of blues and classic rock.... That's right, they are playing in E major while this C# minor flute shows ‘em what it's all about . Pretty is as pretty does, and this one ain’t bad, but it takes a well tuned instrument to join the Pickers club. Thank you, Larry, for this gift of music always in the making. 

 Carol Lincoln-

I just received my repaired Anasazi flute from Larry Gralnik, Dragonfly Flutes USA. The morning of the Tucson festival, while awaiting to be loaded in the truck, the cats managed to tip over and break my wooden Anasazi into 6+ pieces. I met Larry at the festival and he agreed to try to repair the flute for me and took it home with him after the festival.

The flute I received today is a "born again" flute! It is amazing the work and care Larry devoted to her repair. The once broken edges and seams are not to be seen anywhere. The finish is perfection. As a matter of fact, the flute is now easier and smoother to play than it was previous to the accident and now reaches a full octave higher than I was able to elicit from her before.

I don't know if Larry does repairs on a regular basis or just as a special favor to me, however, if you have a beloved flute that has had a damaging crisis... send a picture and a request to Larry and perhaps he can make another miracle flute for you as he did for me.

Larry can be contacted via Facebook.

Peace and Love Larry....................Thank you and many blessings!





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